Essay on Save Fuel for Better Environment

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Essay on Save Fuel for Better Environment

Hello everyone, today we are going to write an essay on saving fuel for a better environment in English. Many searches are for saving fuel for better environment essay, save fuel essay pdf, and essay on saving fuel for better environment and health in 700 words. Read save fuel essay in 700 words for students of class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 cbse, icse and state board.

Essay on Save Fuel for Better Environment English – Essay on fuel saving 300 words

A substance that produces social or nuclear energy when it comes in contact with other substances is called fuel. This energy is used in one form and then it is again converted into mechanical energy and it is used in different ways. Many tasks are possible with the help of different fuels such as driving vehicles, operating machinery, cooking, etc.

Chemical fuels are broadly divided into three categories – solid fuels, gaseous fuels, and liquid fuels. Solid fuel includes wood, cow dung, charcoal, etc. Liquid engines contain petroleum which is used to make different types of liquid fuels like diesel, kerosene, etc. Natural gas comes under the category of gaseous fuel. These are synthesized and converted into CNG, methane, and coal gas for various purposes.

On the other hand, nuclear fuel is divided into two categories, fission, and fusion. Each of these has its own unique utility. We use most of these to carry out our day-to-day work. The fuel is rapidly depleting from the surface of the earth. The reason for this is that the demand for these is increasing rapidly while their supply is limited. We should use these substances wisely so that they do not run out.

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