Environmental Pollution Essay in English for Students

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Environmental Pollution Essay for Students 

Environmental Pollution Essay

Environmental Pollution Essay in english for class 10,11 and 12th Students 

Environment is the surrounding in which we live. It consists of air, water, light, sound and smell. This environment has become polluted. The air that we breathe is no more pure. The water that we drink is full of germs. The sound and light are polluted. We find stinking smell around us.

Air pollution is caused by poisonous gases. The factories produce smoke. Smoke contains particles of carbon. These particles pollute the air. Trees purify the air, unfortunately trees have been cut on a large scale. Water pollution is also caused by factories. The factories use different chemicals. The waste part of these chemicals is thrown into rivers and ponds. It enters the sources of water. Water ceases to be fit for drinking purposes. The polluted air and water cause a number of diseases.

Sound pollution is caused by radios and loud-speakers. The practice of using loud-speakers is common at religious places. The cassettes of western music are played everywhere. This music is nothing but sound and fury. It affects the nervous system of man. It also damages the hearing power of man. There is also paper pollution. Newspapers publish sensational
news. There are obscene advertisements. They corrupt the public mind. This kind of pollution is called moral pollution.

Whatever the type of pollution may be, it is certainly harmful for man. Therefore it should be checked by all means. Industrialization and urbanization should be planned. Industrial waste should be buried under the earth. Chemicals of harmful nature should not be used. More and more trees should be grown to keep the air pure. The use of loudspeakers should be checked and regulated. The news papers should also not indulge in yellow journalism in the public interest.

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