My School Essays For 3rd and 4th Class in English

My School Essays

My School Essays For 3rd and 4th Class Students in English |CBSE English Essay “My School Essays” For 3rd and 4th Class Students in English

Welcome to CBSE News India. In this post, you will read my school essay for class 3, class 4, and class 5. Students are often confused about how to write my school essay, so we wrote an article on my school today. English Essay on My School is a very simple essay you just have to write about your school only.

My School Essay In English Class 3, Class 4, Class 5

If you are looking for an Essay on My School English or an Essay on My School for Class 3, 4, and 5 then you have come to the right post. Students are always given to write about school in their exams or in any test and they are not able to write it properly. That’s why in today’s post, keeping this in mind, we have prepared essays on my school in different ways like line wise and word wise, we hope that you will do better in your examination by reading it well.

Essay on My School in English in 100 words

The name of my school is Shri Mahavir Jain Convent School. In, I am a student of class 6, and my school studies from class 1 to class 12. There is a total of 25 classrooms in my school. My school is surrounded by a barbed boundary wall on all sides. There are two toilets in my school, one for boys and the other for girls. In my school, along with the classrooms of students, one room has also been made for the teachers to sit in and one office belongs to our principal. There is a beautiful big ground in my school. The colors of my school are green and white. In my school boys and girls study together. In our school, two rooms have been made for each class because when there are more children, they are sent to another section.

Essay on My School in English in 300 words

The name of my school is Social Public School. I study in class VIII and in our school, it is taught from class I to X. The boundary wall of my school is very high so that no unknown outside sex can come inside without any permission. There is a total of 25 classrooms in our school, of which 18 rooms are for our school students to study and one for our teachers to sit and work, and another for our principal.

There is a huge playground in our school where all the students play and do physical exercises as well and we also have a yoga class here. There are full 900 students, 31 teachers, one principal, and 8 guards in our school. There are 13 toilets in our school, one for boys, one for girls students and three for teachers. Special attention is given to cleanliness in our school. The environment of our school is very clean and the governance here is very strict. If any child of the school breaks the rule then he is given punishment by the Principal. Our school inspires children in all these fields like sports, dance, entertainment, and drama.

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