NDA WizQuiz 2023: An Inter-School Quiz Competition for Students

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NDA Celebrates 75 Glorious Years with WizQuiz 2023 – An Inter-School Quiz Competition

Introduction National Defence Academy (NDA), India’s esteemed Tri-Services Training Academy, is proudly celebrating its 75th anniversary coinciding with the nation’s Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, commemorating 75 years of independence.

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As part of its Glorious Years Celebrations, NDA presents WizQuiz 2023, an all-India inter-school quiz competition. This event not only highlights the institution’s rich legacy but also serves as a reminder of its pivotal role in shaping India’s defense forces.

NDA and its Significance Over the course of 75 years, the National Defence Academy has transformed into a prestigious military institution, attracting the best young minds from India and friendly nations.

Guided by its motto, “Seva Parmo Dharm” (Service Before Self), the academy has nurtured leaders who have fostered camaraderie among the three services and displayed exemplary joint leadership, thus realizing the vision of its founding leaders.

NDA stands as a unique tri-services academy that imparts comprehensive training to cadets from the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Its rigorous curriculum aims to produce physically fit, mentally resilient, and highly disciplined officers.

In addition to military training, the academy also emphasizes academic education to shape cadets into scholar warriors. Furthermore, NDA plays a pivotal role in promoting national unity and camaraderie among the cadets.

About WizQuiz 2023

WizQuiz 2023, an integral part of NDA’s Glorious Years Celebrations is an inter-school quiz competition designed to engage and enlighten students about the National Defence Academy as a promising career option.

This hybrid competition will comprise preliminary, zonal, and semifinal rounds conducted online, leading up to the grand finale held at the majestic NDA Campus in Pune.

The WizQuiz 2023 competition will test participants’ knowledge across various domains, including general knowledge, current affairs, sports, science, entertainment, and the history of the NDA and India’s Armed Forces.

The finalists will be granted an extraordinary opportunity to visit the NDA campus and witness its grandeur firsthand.

NDA WizQuiz 2023 Competition Schedule

  • Preliminary Round: August 12, 2023
  • Zonal Rounds: August 19-20, 2023
  • National Semifinals: August 26, 2023
  • Grand Finale: October 28, 2023 (NDA Campus, Pune)

NDA WizQuiz 2023 Registration and Prizes

To participate in WizQuiz 2023, students in classes IX to XII must register before the deadline of August 8, 2023. Detailed rules and guidelines for the competition can be found at the official WizQuiz website [registration link: wizquiz.consultnexus.in].

Exciting prizes worth INR 1,20,000 are up for grabs, and all participants will receive e-certificates to acknowledge their participation and efforts.


The quiz is open to all students enrolled in classes IX to XIl in schools in India. Each team must comprise two team members Both students must be enrolled in the same school Inter-class teams are allowed. E.g., a team can consist of a Class IX student and a Class XIl student.


Prior online registration is mandatory to take part in the quiz. To register visit wizquiz.consultnexus.Registration must be done by the school staff only A school can register a maximum of three (3) teams.


The theme of the quiz is “India” Participants will be tested on their general knowledge and other areas such as current affairs, sports, science, entertainment, the history of the NDA and India’s Armed Forces. The quiz requires no specific preparation.


Participants must present a school ID card or a bonafide letter or certificate from the school before Stage I of the quiz. A team may be disqualified from the competition at any stage if they fail to produce proof of identity within the stipulated time. A team may be disqualified at any stage if found using unfair means to answer questions.


Prizes worth Rupees One Lakh Twenty thousand will be awarded to the finalists. E-participation certificate will be awarded to all registered teams.

Travel and Accommodation Arrangements for NDA WizQuiz 2023

For the finalists (two members + one teacher from each team), travel charges will be reimbursed up to 3AC fare, covering their journey to Pune. Additionally, transportation to and from Pune Railway Station/Airport will be provided.

The finalists will be accommodated at Pune for a maximum of two days, with lodging and meals arranged by the organizers.

Conclusion As the National Defence Academy enters its 75th year of excellence, WizQuiz 2023 stands as a testament to its remarkable legacy and contribution to India’s defence forces.

This inter-school NDA WizQuiz 2023 competition not only offers an exciting platform for students to showcase their knowledge but also aims to inspire them to consider a career in the armed forces.

Interested students are encouraged to register for WizQuiz 2023 before the deadline and embark on a memorable journey of learning and exploration.

Call to Action To register for NDA WizQuiz 2023 and find further information, visit the official website: [registration link: wizquiz.consultnexus.in]. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to participate in a prestigious competition and learn more about the National Defence Academy!

Note: The information provided in this news article is based on the official announcement from the National Defence Academy. Please refer to the provided links for the official rules and guidelines.

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