National Road Safety – Movie Making Competition

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National Road Safety – Movie Making Competition

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National Road Safety – Movie Making Competition

On average, more than 1,37,000 people die of road related accidents in India every year. About 413 road accidents took place daily in 2016 which caused over 1000 deaths in India. These statistics only re-emphasize the importance of road safety measures in our daily life.

In this respect, the Indian Road Safety Campaign extends an invitation to the Movie-Making Competition. With the competition centered around road safety, the purpose of the event is to raise awareness regarding road mishaps, traffic laws, emergency services, new reforms etc. across the nation. The movies made by the participants must motivate the general public to adopt safer behaviors to make Indian roads safe and secure. These films will be used for digital road safety awareness on various platforms. So put your film fanatic foot forward and create videos that leave an impression.


The Movie Making competition aims to increase awareness regarding road safety among the participants and the public utilizing a video-based platform. Furthermore, the event is also conducted in hopes that participants reflect on the current issues faced by society relating to road safety and familiarize themselves to become better informed and proactive road safety warriors.


● Consequences of over-speeding: Speeding has been involved in around one-third of all motor vehicle fatalities for more than two decades. Even while driving at the speed limit, but too fast for the road conditions, such as in severe weather, when a road is under repair, or in a poorly illuminated region at night, speed has an impact on your safety. Speeding puts not just the speeder’s life at danger, but also the lives of everyone else on the road, including law enforcement authorities. It’s a major threat to road safety that needs to be addressed immediately and efficiently.

● Consequences of Drunk Driving: Despite multiple stringent laws, over the last three years, drunken driving alone has contributed to over 30,000 road crashes in the country – directly placing it as one of the primary contributors to the ever-worsening road safety status of India.

● Plight of Vulnerable Road Users: In the event of a road accident, everybody utilizing the roads is at danger of injury or death. Some persons are more vulnerable than others, and are known as Vulnerable Road Users. VRU’s include pedestrians, cyclists, persons with disability who are users of motorized vehicles etc. Hence there is a need to secure road infrastructure with integrated protection for vulnerable road users

● Importance of Golden Hour after road accident: Golden hour is the first 60 minutes post a road accident when necessary medical attention is most likely to ensure survival of the victim. Viewed as one of the most crucial time periods by medical sciences, timely intervention during these minutes can make the difference between life and death.

● Usage of Safety Gears: Despite the fact that cars now have more safety features than ever before, none of these advancements are as important to passenger safety like the humble helmet and seat belt. Unfortunately, many drivers and passengers still choose to disregard this effective injury-prevention technology, putting themselves at risk of serious injury or death.

● Any other topic falling under road safety


Call for entries: 22 October, 2021
Deadline for submission of entries: 22 December, 2021


1. A total of up to 25 winners will be chosen and awarded a cash prize of Rupees 50,000 each.
2. The selected movies will be uploaded on all IRSC and MoRT&H social media platforms as well.


1. The competition is open for professionals as well as students.
2. Each team can consist of a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5 participants.
3. Each entry should have the MoRTH Sadak Suraksha Jeevan Raksha (which will be provided to the participants) opening and closing slates for it to become eligible for submission. The slates can be found here:
4. Total running time must be less than 150 seconds in length, including front and back credits.
5. There is no minimum running time limitation.
6. The movie can be in any of the following languages: Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, Urdu, Kannada, Odia, Malayalam or English.
7. All films must have English sub-titles.
8. Only one entry of video is permitted for each user.
9. Entry Forms with incorrect / inadequate / illegible / ambiguous / incomplete particulars will not be considered. Organizers reserve the right to accept or refuse any film without assigning any reason whatsoever.
10. Once a film submitted for selection will be considered as final and no changes will be entertained after submission.
11. Competition entries will not be returned. Therefore, maintain a copy of your entries.
12. Films can be shot on a video camera. However, it is highly recommended to use professional cameras.
13. The film will need to be shot in 1920x1080p (Full HD).
14. Participants will be asked for identification proofs, if deemed as winners.
15. If the participant does not meet the eligibility requirement or is subject to any other entry restriction, the participants will not be adjudged as the winner and will not be entitled to any prize in any circumstance.
16. All communications between the Organizers and team leader will be done through the registered email only. This will be the only form of communication and any other forms of communication will not be entertained.


1. The entries are to be submitted on the MyGov portal.
2. Along with the necessary details, a youtube link of the film and synopsis needs to be added.
3. The film needs to be uploaded on to YouTube as UNLISTED.
4. The films must not be available on search engines or available in the public domain. Any film available in the public domain, will be disqualified.
5. The YouTube link needs to be submitted on the registration platform as the entry.
6. Captions and credits, if any, must be in legible font and colour and must be within the acceptable areas.
7. Filmmakers must write a short synopsis about the film, detailing the motive, in English or Hindi in at least 50 words at the time of uploading.
8. Results will be declared on the MyGov portal.


1. Adhere to the content relevancy and impact.
2. Content Originality (Quality of storyline, and script)
3. Production (Camerawork, lighting, and shot composition)
4. Post-Production(Editing, transitions, pacing, continuity, and flow)
5. Mage (Focus, color, and lighting)
6. Sound Quality (Clarity, consistency of audio levels)

Click here to view Terms & Conditions – PDF (445 KB)

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