Mental health assessment of students in UP Government Schools on Card

The Uttar Pradesh government will now analyze the mental health and IQ of kids in state-run institutions. According to authorities, the evaluation would assist the government in addressing the challenges of elementary and secondary pupils so that they perform better in the future.

The Prayagraj Bureau of Psychology has created a questionnaire for this purpose.

There are 48 questions, each with five possible responses- Agree, Disagree, Neutral, Strongly Agree, and Strongly Disagree. This will be sent to schools, where instructors will collect student answers and return them to Prayagraj. Following that, psychologists will evaluate their responses and create a report based on them.

“Our main goal is to guarantee that kids in basic and secondary schools perform well academically,” said Usha Chandra, director of the Bureau of Psychology in Uttar Pradesh. Our specialists have created a questionnaire to test pupils’ mental health and intellectual quotients in council schools. We’ll attempt to figure out whether children are having issues at school or if anything is going wrong with the parents,” she added.

The draft questions have been distributed to the Basic Education Officers of all 75 districts by the Bureau of Psychology. Teachers will be assigned the job of assessing children’s mental health based on their replies.

Initially, each district will have 150 schools participating in the activity. The Bureau of Psychology specialists will assess students’ replies and produce a report with recommendations for how to solve the issues (if any). Following that, an exercise will be performed to help pupils enhance their learning skills.

A particular strategy will also be developed to guarantee that academically inferior youngsters are on the level as other kids. According to the letter provided to Basic Education Officers, the data from the mental health examination would be kept secret.


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