Write a Letter to Your Friend Overseas to Inform him about your Brother’s Marriage.

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Personal Letters: Write a letter to your friend overseas, to inform him about your brother’s marriage.

Letter to Overseas friend to inform about brother’s marriage – Hello Friends Do you know how to write a letter, so today we are going to tell you how to write a letter?

letter to your friend to inform him about your brother’s marriage.

344, Dwarka Sector 12, Delhi.
12 October

My dear Pankaj,

It has been a long time since we last met and I finally have the occasion to write to you. It gives me great joy to inform you that my brother’s marriage has been fixed. The girl, who is a postgraduate, is employed by the State Bank of India and is based in Gujrat. Her family hails from our native town and is known to my parents. So both the families are known to each other. It is strange that this proposal had been considered earlier but was dropped for some unknown reason.

However, now that things have worked out I thought I’d inform you. The date of the wedding will be fixed during the engagement ceremony which is on 10th November. You will be receiving the invitation well in advance so that you can plan your trip.

As for me, I’m busy with work and wedding preparations. I hope your parents and brother have adjusted well to the new life by now. Since you have a car you must be driving down to Muscat to meet and relax with friends. Do you get to see them? Do convey my regards to them when you meet them next. Regards to you and your parents and lots of love to your little brother, Sunil.

Yours affectionately,
Lafaz Sharma.

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