Are morning assemblies important in schools?

Why morning assemblies are important in schools?

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Importance of Morning Assembly: Yes morning assemblies are important in school because routine is the first step towards a good future and the school children are the future of the Nation. In this era scientist, philosopher and doctors said please wake up earlier in the morning it’s good for your health and for your mind, do you ever realize that school going child are healthier, happy and their capacity to capture things are greater than those who do not wake up earlier.

if you will read Geeta, Ramayan, etc..then you realize that in the past time, people were healthier, more intelligent, and more courageous because of their habit of a good routine, we have examples of Arjun, Lord Krishna, Shri Ram, etc, I know you think why I am giving you an example of Ram’s and Krishna era because that time school is known as “Gurukul” and in “Gurukul” morning assembly were playing an important role, that’s why we remember till now the strength and brilliance of Lord Ram and Krishna era.

In my opinion morning assembly in school is important because, it makes students feel fresh, and energetic with positive vibration. School life is the foundation of every child, so morning assembly must be good for every child, because it’s not only good for health but also good for the mind. and they will get proper sunlight which is important for everyone but after 11 am in this era, this sunlight may be harmful to children.

Source: Quora (Answer by Richa)

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