English Formal Letter Writing Topics

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Following are the Formal Letter Writing Topics

Formal English Letter Format | How to Write a Formal Letter, Types, Topics and Formal Letter Examples

What is Formal Letter Writing? 

Generally, formal letters are written to persons or officials associated with any government or private office. These persons are usually strangers. Such letters are mainly written to school principals, government department officials, newspaper editors or mayors of municipal corporations, electricity or water department officials or public works department officials etc.

Formal Letter Writing on Various Topics 

Formal Applications Writing Topics

  • Application to a commercial firm in reply to an advertisement for a clerk.
  • To the Principal of your College, saying your father is sending you to Canada for technical education, and asking his advice.
  • Formal Application to your class teacher requesting her to grant you a week’s leave.
  • Formal Application to the Principal of your school for the remission of fine.
  • Formal Application to school administration requesting the issuance of new identity card.
  • Formal Application to the Principal of your school requesting him to grant you free studentship.
  • Formal Application to the head of the administrative department of the school requesting for transfer certificate.
  • Formal Application to the administrative department of the school requesting for caution money.
  • Write a Formal letter to the Sales Manager complaining about a Washing Machine which is not functioning properly and asking for the replacement of the same.
  • Write a Formal letter of resignation.
  • Write a Formal letter to the mayor of your city requesting him/her for a playground in your locality.
  • Write a Formal letter to the superintendent of police of your town reporting a theft of a wallet.
  • To a newspaper complaining of the bad quality and inadequate supply of Municipal water in your town.
  • Formal Letter to your landlord asking him to get certain repairs done in the house where you are staying as a tenant.
  • Formal Application to the Principal of your school requesting him to grant you fee concession.
  • Write a Formal letter to the Mayor of your city requesting him for a children’s park in your locality.
  • Application for Taking TC Transfer Certificate from school in English
  • Read More Applications

The language in these letters should be very simple and polite. In these letters, only work matters or problems are written. In such letters, it is necessary to write only the problems in very limited words in an impressive manner.

Characteristics of letter and Application writing

Simple language – The letter should be written in simple language so that the reader can easily understand it.
Effectiveness – The letter should be written in such words that it can impress the reader, the letter should present its ideas well.
Purity and cleanliness – Always write letters on clean paper.
Clarity of thoughts – The thoughts written in the letter should be clear.
Politeness and Courtesy – The letter should be written with courtesy and modesty in mind, always use respectful and respectful words, and while writing the letter also take care not to hurt any feelings.
Brief and complete – The letter should be short and complete, only the main points should be written in it.
Purposeful – Important things should be written in the letter and should be written in such a way that the curiosity of the reader is calmed.
External Decoration – Handwriting should be clean, beautiful and clear, good paper should be used for writing letters.
Sequentiality – While writing a letter, be sure to keep sequentiality in mind, write the main points first. And the things written last should be written later.
Pay attention to punctuation – Punctuation should be used at appropriate places in writing.
Simple and natural style – Easy language should be used in the letter, so that the reader can easily understand, and difficult words should be avoided.

A sincere letter should be written in English, even when writing a letter of complaint, there should not be any displeasure in it.

English Letters and Applications
English Letters and Applications

7 Important Writing Tips for Formal Letters 

  1. Through letters, we can express our thoughts easily along with reaching someone else. Today, even after the advent of computers and mobiles, it is very popular.
  2. Before the advent of mobiles, computers, and the internet, letters were used to inform each other about each other’s activities.
  3. The use of letters is very useful for the life of students, they need to write letters for various needs including taking leave in school/college, for scholarships, leaving school, and getting a job.
  4. While writing a letter, first of all, you should keep in mind that for whom you are writing a letter, use words of respect and courtesy and respect.
  5. While writing a letter, express your feelings in such a way that the reader gets emotional.
  6. Try to write the letter in very simple language.
  7. Letter After finishing the writing, read it again so that the mistakes in it can be corrected.

What is a Requesting letter? 

Such letters are written for leave, complaint, correction, application, etc. We call them ‘Requestion Applications’. This type of letter is to government departments like- schools, colleges, etc.

What is an Official letter? 

Such letters which are written for office work are called office letters. These types of letters are written to school and college principals, government officials, or officials. Example:- Post Office, Police Station, School Principal, Editor, Transport Department

What are Business letters?

Letters written related to money transactions and buying and selling of goods in business are called ‘business letters’. Such letters follow formalities hence they are called formal letters.

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