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Daily School Assembly News


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What should be the Daily School Assembly Meeting?

Daily School Morning Assembly Meeting is the face of a school. Which in essence presents the existence of the school. There are certain things in a Daily School Morning Assembly. So some things are variable. Which we should keep in mind while planning about the School Assembly.


If we want to get any activity done, then it should be kept in mind that whose capacity is being increased by it. In what ways are they affected by the activities? This allows us to become aware of the process and think better. By taking feedback from himself and the people, the Headmaster/ Principal can make the Daily School Morning Assembly effective.


It is very important for us to be sensitive in the process of any change. Children may not be able to speak very effectively in the beginning, they feel hesitant in speaking, they find it difficult to speak in front of people, their feet tremble, and their heartbeat increases. So talking about it personally can be very beneficial. With this, the next time their opportunity comes, they will be able to present their presentation in a better way.


In the above ways, we can talk to the headmaster and teachers about the immediate needs and issues regarding child psychology in the school. can identify problems. Think of ways to solve them. Identifying all the problems coming in the way, and what way can be taken… to move the discussion forward in that direction. With this, we can think of all the ways that we can contribute to improving the school environment. It can be helpful to create an interactive learning-teaching environment for both the children and the teachers.


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