CBSE Training Portal | CBSE Online Training Portal Registration 2022

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CBSE Training Portal | CBSE Online Training Portal Registration 2022 (

Welcome To CBSENEWSINDIA. All the teachers who teach in CBSE schools have many degrees. No one can teach in school without a degree. But let us tell you that only degrees are not going to work. Teachers will have to be proficient in every piece of information related to education. For this, 50 hours of training has been made mandatory for teachers by the CBSE Board.

CBSE experts will give training

In view of the new education policy, the board has taken this big step. In 50 hours of training, 25 hours of training will be given by the experts of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). At the same time, for the remaining 25 hours of training, the school can call a trainer from a private company or the principal of the school can give training to the teachers.

CBSE Training Portal | CBSE Online Training Portal Registration 2022

Quality concerns in school education are among the priorities of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), as they play a vital role in the development of the country. One of the major objectives of the CBSE Teacher Training Unit is to organize various capacity building and empowerment programs to update the professional competency of the teachers.

Introduction Programs

The program addresses the principals and managers of the newly affiliated schools of the board. Various sessions have been designed to handle the schools by providing inputs related to the Regional offices’ functioning, examinations, and IT-related issues. Also, inputs are given on CBSE CBP, Life Skills, Values & Physical Education.

Prospective Resource Persons Programmes

Resource persons are experts who provide information and opinions to participants in a learning situation. They are often used to conduct educational activities, but can also be helpful to a committee at the program planning level. Resource persons can be from within or outside the organization. Base your selection on their knowledge of the topic & ability to successfully cover and communicate information to an audience. All the programs available under subject-specific CBPs and general CBPs are covered under this program.

CBSE Online Training Portal 2022

The Central Board of Secondary Education has started a new way of teaching teachers. Now CBSE has launched Online CBSE Training Portal to give the best online education training to teachers. With the help of the CBSE Free Training Portal 2022, all CEOs across the country are hosting their online training programs.

All the participants can now register for the online Teacher training session with the school authorities (using school credentials) or as individual participants for any of the programs listed on the CBSE Portal. In this article, we discuss all important topics like CBSE Training Portal, Online Registration for Free Session, Download Certificate, Fee Payment, and Feedback Form.

How to Register in Free Online Teacher Training Program

Step I: Visit the official website of the CBSE Portal or Click here to visit for Registration Page.

Step II: After clicking the above link a new page opens. Now, Click on the “Click here to register for free online session” link shown on the screen.

Step III: After Clicking the “Click here to register for free online session” link, the Registration page opens.

Step IV: You decide the date, time, topic of your training, then click on the “Register” button.

Step V: After clicking on the “Register” button, three options show on the screen.

  • Login for School Affiliated with CBSE (Multiple Participants).
  • New Registration for Individual Participants
  • Login for existing Participants

Step VI: If you are registering for this training for the first time, then you should choose the second option (New Registration for Individual Participants)

Step VII: After clicking the above link, the registration form opens. In this Registration form, you have to fill in three details: Personal Details, School Details, and Login Details.

Step VIII: You can attend the online training with the help of the same “User ID and Password” that you will enter in the Login Details.

Step IX: Click on the “Submit Detail” Button

CBSE Training Portal Login 2022 at

Those aspirants who wish to Login to CBSE Training Portal, follow the step given below:

Step I: Click here to this Link for Login.

Step II: After clicking the above link, Individual Participant Login Page will open.

Step III: Enter your correct User ID, Password, and Security Pin then click on the “Login” button.

Step IV: After clicking the “Login” button, you will be logged in to the CBSE Online Training Portal.

CBSE Training Portal E Certificate Download

Applicants who want to download CBSE Teacher Training Certificate can take their certificate after completing the online training. Applicants have to take all the online teacher training to get the certificate and also have to complete the attendance for their certificate.

Registered applicants have to attend and complete classes online to collect the certificate. CBSE Teacher Training Certificate can be downloaded from the official website of the CBSE Training Portal. Check out the steps given below to download the e-Certificate of the CBSE Online Teacher Training Program.

Step I: Visit the official website or Click here to download the CBSE Training Certificate.

Step II: You have to click on the training for which you want to download the certificate.

Step III: Enter your email ID, Password, and Security Pin (Shown on Screen) then click on the login option.

Step IV: Click on the download certificate option.

Step V: After clicking the download option your certificate will be downloaded.

Today’s CBSE Training Programmes 

Step I: Go to the official website of CBSE or Click here for a direct link for Today Training.

Step II: Click the “Sort By” Icon and choose program-wise or COE-Wise for the list of today’s training.

Step III: After selecting the Program-Wise or COE-Wise option, all Today’s Training Program show on Screen.

CBSE Training Portal | CBSE Online Training Portal Registration 2022 (

General CBPS For Teachers

Classroom Management

The program consists of sessions that introduce participating teachers to classroom managerial skills, techniques, and effective strategies. Thus it enables them to analyze their teaching style and strengthen it further to manage large classes effectively.

Inclusion and Inclusive Strategies

The program consists of sessions that create awareness of the needs of children with disabilities and prompt participating teachers to reflect on their perspectives and knowledge about issues related to children with special needs (CWSN). The sessions also provide participants with inputs related to the provisions, exceptions, and certifications of the CWSN & practical strategies for inclusion.

Career Guidance Portal

The program consists of sessions that educate teachers about the importance of career guidance for students. It includes sessions on the changing world of work and determinants of career guidance among others. The focus is also on the skills of getting the latest career information and the organization of group guidance activities.

Gender Sensitivity

The program consists of sessions that provide guidelines for teachers to be gender-responsive. This includes sessions on teaching through gender-sensitive pedagogy, using gender-sensitive teaching-learning materials, creating a gender-sensitive classroom environment, among other measures.

Life Skills

The program consists of sessions that introduce participants to various life skills; Create awareness of the fact that life skills are an inherent part of various disciplines and motivate teachers to focus on the promotion of these life skills.

I hope you like this post about CBSE Training Portal 2022. If you have any queries related to this CBSE Portal then comment below in the comment section.

CBSE Training Portal | CBSE Online Training Portal Registration 2022

In this training, the teachers will be told that how they can make the classroom environment better and better, what are the important things for the proper development of the students. All such information will be available to the teachers and the talent of the teachers will also be enhanced.

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