CBSE Eklavya 3030 : How to register in the 3030 Eklavya Series?

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How to Register in the 3030 Eklavya Series?

CBSE Eklavya 3030

In line with NEP 2020 (New Education Policy), CBSE is launching 30-30 STEM, an online program focusing on basic conceptual understanding and critical thinking of Math/Science. The aim of the program is to Unlock the hidden mysteries, beauty and magic of Science/Math that is all around us and the content will be interesting for all Teachers, Parents and Students of all discipline and of any age.

CBSE and IIT Gandhinagar are collaborating to take the Eklavya series forward. The focus of the series will be on clarifying New Education Policy and showing how to effectively implement NEP 2020 in schools.

If you want to register in Eklavya Series 2021 then follow the steps given below:

Step I: Visit the official website Eklavya or click here to visit the Registration Form Page.

Step II: Fill in some basic details like First Name, Last Name, Email, Mobile Number, Password then select some other information:

  • Select school board,
  • Select state and select district,
  • Select tyes of the institution,
  • Select I am a (teacher, student, parent),
  • Enter your school name,
  • Select got to know about the program (Social media, notification from the board, others)
  • Select the certificate details

Step III: Check the box (I am not a Robot) and click on the “Pay for Certificate” Button.

Step IV: After completing the payment, your registration will be completed.

Certificate Details of Eklavya Series 

  • Participation Certificate for all Modules (Rs 100 + 18 % GST)
  • Certificate of Competency for the whole course (Rs 100 + 18% GST)

Contact for any Query Related to 3030 Eklavya Program

 Email: eklavya[at]

  Call: 079-23952240

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