CBSE National Adolescent Summit 2023

CBSE National Adolescent Summit on Life Skills, Mental Health, Safety & Well Being

CBSE’s Bold Step Towards Adolescent Empowerment
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CBSE Latest News: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has taken a remarkable stride in shaping the nation’s youth into well-rounded individuals by launching the CBSE Adolescent Leadership Summit on Life Skills, Mental Health, Safety, and Well-Being 2023.

This significant event, scheduled from 19th to 21st December 2023 in New Delhi, aims to arm our adolescents with essential life skills while highlighting the pivotal role of schools in promoting health and holistic well-being.

Empowering Youth Through Knowledge and Skills

CBSE firmly believes that when equipped with the right knowledge, values, and life skills, our youth can face life’s challenges with confidence. These skills encompass various aspects, including mental health, safety, and well-being, enabling young individuals to think critically, act responsibly, and empathize with others.

Schools as Beacons of Wellness

In CBSE’s vision, schools extend beyond academic centers; they are the frontline for imparting vital health-related knowledge, attitudes, and skills. The objective is to mold students into responsible citizens who are ready to become agents of positive change in society.

The Groundbreaking Initiative

As part of its commitment to adolescent leadership, CBSE has partnered with Expressions India to introduce the online Adolescent Peer Educators Leadership Program. This initiative, integrated seamlessly into daily education, champions mental health and overall wellness and has witnessed active participation from schools nationwide.

What to Expect at CBSE Adolescent Leadership Summit 2023

The upcoming summit promises to be a monumental event, with details about registration, schedules, and distinguished speakers soon to be revealed. Scheduled from 19th to 21st December 2023 at the National Bal Bhavan in New Delhi, the summit will also include a “Heritage, Culture, Well-being” sightseeing tour for registered schools on 21st December 2023.

Objectives of CBSE Adolescent Leadership Summit

  1. Enrich students through best practices in skills-based Adolescent Life Skills, Mental Health, Safety, and Well-being in Schools.
  2. Ensure the integration of School Safety, Nutrition, and General Health concerns within the comprehensive school health curriculum, along with contemporary gender issues.
  3. Strengthen peer-to-peer dialogue and the partnership between schools and families in promoting Life Skills, Mental Health, and Well-being in Schools.
  4. Advocate for students’ psychosocial needs and cultivate effective Young Leadership as Life Skills and Well-being Ambassadors.

Event Highlights

National School Health and Well-being Exhibition: Display and Discussions by Student Delegates.

YUVA SANSAD – The National Adolescent Well-being Parliament.


  • UTOPIA – Thematic Painting
  • RHETORICS – Young Orators Championship
  • SUR SANGAM – Solo Indian Classical Dance
  • PATHSHALA NUKKAD KI – on Contemporary Themes
  • MANOVRITI – Screening of Theme-based Short Films by Students.
  • SAMVEDNA – Luminaries from various fields shall interact with Student Peer Educators.
  • MINDSMART – The National Health & Wellness Quiz.

Registration Details

  • Each school can register four students and one teacher (maximum five delegates).
  • Only online applications for participation will be accepted.
  • There is no registration fee for participating in the event. Teams must make necessary arrangements for their travel, lodging, and boarding.
  • The last date for registration is 30th October 2023.

For More Information

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