Board Exams 2022: How will the 10th-12th evaluation be done next year, CBSE told the complete plan

Board Exams 2022: How will the 10th-12th evaluation be done next year, CBSE told the complete plan

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CBSE Exam 2022: CBSE has started planning for the board exams to be held in 2022. The exam controller has told that what will be the method of evaluation in the 10th and 12th board exams to be held next year?

CBSE class 10 12 board exam 2022: Due to the second wave of corona virus, almost all the board exams had to be canceled this year. In a hurry, the marking formula (CBSE Marks Formula) was prepared for evaluation without exam. But even on this, not all students, parents and teachers completely agree. Now there is a possibility of the third wave of Corona. It is believed that next year also Kovid-19 will wreak havoc. In such a situation, the sword can again hang on board examinations. Therefore, taking lessons from the current year, CBSE has started preparing for the next year’s board examinations (CBSE 2022).

This year CBSE has also made the performance of earlier classes the basis of marking. For example, 12th students are being given marks on their 10th board, 11th exam and 12th pre-board (CBSE Pre Board) performance. In the next year also, internal assessments will be made a core part of the marking policy of the board exams. But the method will be a little different. CBSE Exam Controller Sanyam Bharadwaj himself has given complete information about this.

Sanyam Bhardwaj has told that ‘We will continue the assessment policy 2021 of CBSE in 2022 (CBSE Assessment Policy 2022). This year we are also using the performance of other classes for the assessment of the students. But in 2022, we will develop the 10th and 12th internal assessments (CBSE Internal Assessment 2022) in such a way that it is uniform, transparent and logical across the country. So that the board results (CBSE Results 2022) can be prepared on the basis of those assessments if needed.

The CBSE Exam Controller said that the schools will keep sending the reports of the performance of the students in those assessments to the board from time to time. So that if the circumstances are not favorable, if the examination has to be canceled, then on the basis of these assessments, the board results of class 10 and 12 can be made. Then there will be no need to add the performance of the second class.

Sanyam Bhardwaj told that for this there is a plan to increase the importance of Unit Tests, Half Yearly / Mid Term Exams and Pre-Board Exams. Now students will need to focus on studies from the very beginning. Because every test will be important for him. However, CBSE will divide the syllabus in such a way that the students are not burdened..

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