CBSE Aryabhata Ganit Challenge 2023 Registration, Exam, Fees Details

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Aryabhata Ganit Challenge 2023: A Test of Mathematical Competence and Application

CBSE Aryabhata Ganit Challenge 2023, apply online at

Aryabhata Ganit Challenge is back for the year 2023, aiming to instill mathematical competencies among young learners. The challenge tests how effectively students can apply mathematical concepts to real-world situations.

Aryabhata Ganit Challenge 2023: A Comprehensive Breakdown

CBSE has always been at the forefront of providing students with opportunities to showcase their skills. This time, they bring the Aryabhata Ganit Challenge 2023 to highlight the practical application of mathematics in daily life.

Aryabhata Ganit Challenge Registration and Levels

There are two stages in which the challenge will be conducted:

  1. School Level Competition: In this phase, schools will conduct the examination using a question paper provided by CBSE through its online portal.
  2. National Level Competition: This is a computer-based test managed by CBSE for those who clear the first stage.

Aryabhata Ganit Challenge Eligibility Criteria

  • Level 1: All students of classes VIII-X in CBSE affiliated schools can participate.
  • Level 2: The top three students from each school that registered for the first stage are eligible.

Aryabhata Ganit Challenge Syllabus and Areas of Assessment

The challenge will cover a range of content and competencies:

  • Content Areas: Number sense and Number System, Algebra, Mensuration, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Data Analysis and Probability, and Quantitative Aptitude.
  • Competencies: Conceptual Understanding, Logical Reasoning and Analytical thinking, Problem Solving skills, Strategic approach, Visualisation and Mathematisation, and Creative and Abstract thinking.

Aryabhata Ganit Challenge Exam Pattern

For both levels:

  • The test duration is one hour.
  • It comprises Multiple Choice Questions.
  • The total weightage is 40 marks.
  • Good news for students: There’s no negative marking!

Aryabhata Ganit Challenge Exam Date and Process

First Stage:

  1. Schools must apply through this link by 25th August 2023, 5.30 p.m. And guess what? No fees are charged for this!
  2. Between 28th August to 5th September 2023, a question paper with an answer key will be available for registered schools.
  3. Each school will then conduct the test and shortlist the top three students. If there’s a tie in marks, schools will hold a screening test.
  4. These top students are registered with an online fee of Rs.900/- between 15th to 21st September 2023.

Second Stage:

  1. The computer-based test for the selected students will be on 3rd October 2023.
  2. The top 100 students from each CBSE region after this test will earn a Merit certificate.

Aryabhata Ganit Challenge Results and Recognition

  • Results: After the second stage, the top 100 performers from each CBSE region will be acknowledged with a Merit Certificate.
  • Recognition: Schools promoting this challenge also get their due! Ten schools from each region with the most student participation will receive an appreciation certificate.

Aryabhata Ganith Challenge Prize Money and Fees

While the First Level has no associated fees, the Second Level requires schools to pay Rs. 900/- for their students’ participation. All payments can be made via Debit Card, Credit Card, or NEFT. Remember, once paid, the fee isn’t refundable.

Aryabhata Ganith Challenge Application Form

Schools interested in the challenge can find the application form and all related details on the CBSE portal.

In conclusion, the Āryabhaṭa Ganit Challenge is a remarkable platform for students to shine and embrace the world of mathematics. It’s not just about solving problems in a classroom; it’s about applying those solutions to real-life scenarios. So, gear up, students, and let the numbers guide your path!

Click Here to Participate in AGC 2023

The “Āryabhaṭa Ganit Challenge – 2023” is yet another initiative by CBSE to promote mathematics as a practical and enjoyable subject, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application.

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